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County Durham
We have a variety of horses and ponies ranging from very small ponies, 11 hands up to larger horses standing at 16 hands high.

They are aged between 4 and 24 years old. We select our horses and ponies very carefully ensuring their attributes meet our needs being responsive, sensible, obedient, safe and enjoyable.

They are selected for their temperament and personality.

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What our visitors say:
Kevin - is a good help around the centre. “ I like helping Nick and Christine care for the horses and I like riding Sooty FAST! Nick calls me top jockey!"
Interesting facts:
Horses have around 205 bones in their skeleton
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Raine is a small children’s pony who was gifted to us. She is quite an age but still enjoys her work and being fussed over. She is a skewbald mare standing about 12.2 hands high.

Dylan is a piebald gelding who just loves people! He is fantastic for teaching people to canter and loves to hack out!

Chucky, 11.2hh grey gelding, suitable for beginners. Lovely , friendly pony that really looks after his small riders.

Prince is our new cob – enjoyed by many of our riders and staff.

Tank is a firm favourite with all our riders and is such a loving pony!

Biker is our new driving pony. He has a stunning mane and tail and a gorgeous personality as well!
Jess, a lovely , black 13.2hh mare who loves hacking out and really looks after her riders.

Bob is our second driving pony. He is a piebald cob 13.2 hh. He has pulled a Bow Top Caravan to Appleby in the past.

Morgan is a very laid back character but extremely greedy! He makes everyone laugh!

Big Sally is an absolute Angel and favourite with so many riders, staff and volunteers.

Sooty is a big favourite, 15hh piebald gelding who enjoys hacking and jumping

Ben is a firm favourite of our taller riders and enjoys hacking out
Penny – a lovely children’s pony who loves games, jumping and hacking out.
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" There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man ”, Winston S Churchill
Bella is a bay mare. She is very gentle and kind to all her riders.