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Being on route to Durham Dales is the perfect location to spend quality time with family and friends alike. With its exquisitely landscaped grounds, set against the peaceful waters of the River Wear, what better place to leave behind the stresses and strains of everyday life.

The area benefits from being a prime location to explore the beautiful Durham Dales, and the myriad of picturesque towns and villages boasting markets, tea-rooms, craft shops and fetes throughout the seasons. The rich and peaceful countryside is literally on your doorstep and strewn with interesting features from waterfalls and forests, to castles and visitors centres, what better place to escape from the strains of everyday life?

We are central to:
Hamsterley Forest
Durham City
and many more areas of interest and beautiful countryside.

Our location provides us with an ideal opportunity for visitors to the area to enhance their visit by hacking out in the area.

Please do not hesitate to contact us to find out more information and book you and your friends or family.
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What our visitors say:
Laura - attends on a Friday. “
I really enjoy going to the centre. I have made lots of friends and I like working with the animals. My favourite horse is Ruby. Riding her has really helped my weaker side and has given me more strength in my ankle ."
Interesting facts:
Ponies are small horses. They are measured in hands
(4 inches or 10 centimetres). A horse is over 14.2 hands.
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" There is something about the outside of a horse, that is good for the inside of a man ”, Winston S Churchill